About ORO

ORO design is a highly creative interior design and retail architecture hub,
acclaimed for designing many of the most inspiring interior spaces.

We believe that design is the fundamental element that affect how we inhabit, function, and even think!  That is why, at ORO design, we don’t just cater the end to end process of design and construction, but rather, we focus on the entire cycle of running a business within the market of retail and trade.

Our impressive designs have consistently been recognized by major groups, such as our referral partners Westfield and Stocklands, who have regularly endorsed us as one of the top design firms to work with. In fact, we’ve won multiple awards for it – including four Westfield Best Design awards and fit-out.


Our services are available across Australia, and overseas in Asia and Europe. With 15 years of creating custom concepts and beautiful fit-outs for our retail, commercial and hospitality clients,  you can be sure that our work with you will be bold and bang on trend.  Just one look at our portfolio, and you’ll be able to see that our designs are head-turning creations that embody equal parts of practicality and personality.


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Opening a new store can be a challenging process. To be able to plan ahead and not miss a thing can sometimes be an overwhelming and difficult experience. Here is our free process guide and checklist from design to fit-out.